From Private Diagnostic Clinic to Duke Health Integrated Practice

In April 2022, the PDC's physician members voted to endorse a motion to co-create a new Duke Health Integrated Practice (DHIP) within Duke University Health System, after operating as a separate, for-profit partnership company since it's inception nearly a century ago. This resulted in the dissolution of the PDC on June 30, 2023.

On July 1, 2023, the PDC became the Duke Health Integrated Practice (DHIP)—a new clinical practice model that exists within Duke University Health System.  DHIP physicians are employees of this new, physician-led entity, and have integrated the most effective aspects of both organizations.  DHIP also places special emphasis on, including principles of, diversity, equity and inclusion in a culture that thrives and puts its people first.

Through DHIP, Duke Health is more strategically aligned and better equipped to improve access and grow while being able to recruit and retain the top providers and staff, both now and long into the future. 

Over time, we anticipate a more aligned clinical enterprise that will enable more seamless and coordinated patient care.  

What DHIP Offers Current and Prospective Physicians?