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Quality and Safety

Quality care is a combination of patient safety, outcomes and service. Duke Health strives to provide the highest quality care every day to its patients and is active with multiple initiatives that deliver and reflect patient-centered quality care. The Quality and Safety initiative is led by John Paat, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director for Quality Reporting and Safety. Duke Health providers and clinics participate in a number of national quality programs to measure and ensure safety. 

Quality initiatives touch every component of the healthcare system. Consumers can review the quality measures information that is available on to help make healthcare choices.

Activities focus on the continuous enhancement of quality and safety for all patients, visitors, and employees.  Duke Health works to improve processes and outcomes through standard process improvement strategies including A3 methodology, and Plan, Do, Study, Adjust (PDSA) managed through the Duke Quality System (DQS). Duke Health leverages technology to capture data and measure our processes and improvements.

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