Congratulations to the 2017 Strength, Hope, and Caring Award Winners

Strength Hope and Caring Gala


Each year we celebrate those who bring our values to life with the care they administer to our patients. Join us in celebrating our three winners for the examples they set and the lives they touched in the process. 


Ursula Gorman Receives the Administration Award

Ursula Gorman, Service Access Team Lead at Duke Orthopaedics at Page Road, received the Administration Strength, Hope, and Caring award for her exemplary patient advocacy.

After a patient was denied federally funded health insurance, Ursula worked tirelessly to help the patient reapply for the program until her efforts rendered success. She even went one step further and provided the patient financial assistance from her own pocket to ease the burden of hardship.

Service Access Manager, Kelly Giattino, who nominated Gorman for the award, says “I was so touched by her generosity and compassion that I felt compelled to share. This is so far above the level of service required. Ursula Gorman is the type of employee who comes to work every day determined to make a difference—and she does.”


Rochelle Robinson Receives the Clinical Award

Rochelle Robinson, CMA, at Duke Perinatal of Durham, received the Strength, Hope and Caring Clinical Award for acting selflessly to provide care, compassion, and encouragement to a patient facing a difficult circumstance.

Elizabeth Livingston, MD, nominated Robinson for the award after being awe-struck by her untold generosity. “She saw an immediate and great human need, and recognized how she could fulfil it,” says Dr. Livingston of Robinson’s actions. “She asked for no thanks or admiration from the patient. It was a simple act of caring.”



Winners of the Team Award

The teams behind The James R. Urbaniak, MD Sports Sciences Institute and Duke Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Department received the Team Strength, Hope, and Caring Award for their unified display of support, compassion, and caring during a team member’s time of need.

Jill Roncoroni, MBA, HCA, nominated the teams. “As a new employee to Duke, I was very touched by the outpouring of support that was very evident across both buildings teams,” says Roncoroni.  “These individuals are committed to living the DUHS Values and the mission of caring for our patients, their loved ones, and each other.” 


Join us in congratulating and thanking our amazing winners for leading by example and demonstrating our values in a way that truly improves lives.

 About the Strength, Hope and Caring Program

The Strength, Hope and Caring Program rewards those who go well beyond expectations and whose actions reflect the core of who we are as an organization—one that provides Strength to people when they are suffering, Hope to the people we serve, and Care, even beyond the clinical sense of the word. 

There are four categories of Strength, Hope and Caring Awards: Clinical, Administrative, Physician/Non-physician Provider, and Team. Through this awards program, we are seeking to highlight the stories of employees who: Demonstrate special, compassionate care; inspire us all; demonstrate a personal outstanding commitment to our patients and colleagues; make a significant difference in one family's/patient's/colleague's experience.