Duke Hematology Opens new Clinic, Expands Sickle Cell Disease Program


Duke Hematology of Fayetteville opened its doors to patients on July 10, as an expansion of Duke’s Sickle Cell Disease Program founded by John J. Strouse, MD, PhD, Hematologist and Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Specialist.

The goal of the clinic is to complete an onsite trial for new and returning patients, in hopes of evolving into a telehealth hub for patients in the Fayetteville area. Patients can currently be seen from 8 am – 12 pm, on the second Wednesday of every other month, with the next clinic date being Wednesday, Sept. 11. 

Services provided at this location:

Diagnosis and personalized treatment based on the total health of the patient for:

 Providers at this location include:

Referrals & Scheduling Appointments:

Appointments can be made by calling 919-620-5300