Our Focused Work to Heal Must Continue

Duke PDC

Upon today's verdict in the George Floyd murder trial, we want to restate the DHIP's commitment to the ongoing fight for social justice. This is a moment we cannot waste.

As healthcare providers we have an obligation to not only heal bodies, but to heal the communities we serve.   Senseless violence against anyone, by anyone and at any time must stop. It is in our hospital emergency rooms and health care facilities where these wounds are treated or bodies lie. We have an obligation to not only heal but to prevent the need to heal.  The healthcare community can and must be part of the solution.

The DHIP stands in solidarity with leaders across Duke, Durham, and our nation against racism and violence. Over the past year we have actively participated in an open dialogue across Duke Health, and are implementing solutions to some of the deeply rooted issues and inequities. Initiatives like Moments to Movement have been powerful vehicles to educate ourselves, facilitate honest dialogue, and to start us on a path toward a more equal future.

We are proud of the sustained focus being placed on the important issues of racism, equity and inclusion, but they are only a start.  We are committed to continuing to do the hard work. May these collective and focused actions be an example and provide tangible progress toward healing and hope for all in our community.


— John Sampson, MD, MBA, President, Duke Health Integrated Practice, PLLC

— Erica Taylor, MD, MBA, Associate Chief Medical Officer for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Duke Health Integrated Practice, PLLC