PDC Faculty, Staff Honored with Strength, Hope & Caring Awards


The DHIP is proud of its 2016 Strength, Hope and Caring Award Recipients

WATCH THE OPENING VIDEO:https://youtu.be/-eEv9HKxLAo 


Dr. Douglas Schreyack, North Carolina Orthopedic Clinic

Dr. Douglas Schreyack’s clinic staff has noticed that he quietly does wonderful things for his patients.  During a winter storm last year when the clinic was closed, he met a patient at the clinic to check his foot, waiting 20-30 minutes in the parking lot to assist the patient in the building, checking their foot, and then helping them back to their car.  Another patient who was homeless had taken a bus to a surgery appointment and had planned to return by bus afterward to where he was staying.  The patient also did not come with a “responsible person” there as needed for the procedure.  Dr. Schreyack called for a CMA from the clinic to came and be there for the patient through surgery.  He waited through recovery and drove patient himself, buying him lunch along the way.  When the patient returned for follow up, Dr. Schreyack went and got his personal lunch and gave it to the patient.


Vickie Davis, RN, Duke Children’s Primary Care Pickett Road

In this past year Vickie was compelled to assist one particular young cancer patient and his mother, who had very little outside support, by helping the mother to find employment with a temp service for Duke.  At Christmas time, Vickie’s generosity led her to have a local fire station sponsor Christmas gifts for the mother and son, and have her church take up a love offering for groceries and clothes.  When the young boy’s care needs became taxing, she would occasionally offer respite care outside of work.  His medical needs were always a priority for Vickie.  Even more, she enlisted help from co-workers and family members along the way to assist with such things as car repairs, babysitting, and many shoulders for the mother to lean on.


Dariele Cooper, Larry West, Brier Creek Specialty Clinic, Brier Creek Infusion, Brier Creek Endoscopy Clinic Teams

The clinic team noticed that the security guard at GI Brier Creek was in dire need of assistance and encouragement when diagnosed with cancer. The HCA (Dariele Cooper) and her team rallied together and came up with incredible ways to help Michael—paying utility bills, groceries for he and his brother whom the guard cared for, cooking meals, researched support groups, set him up with a social worker, helped with insurance needs, and put him in touch with hospice when the time came.  Follow his passing in April, the clinic observed some moments of silence in his honor.  They all (physicians and staff) were true examples of how we should "Live our Values" and define the true meaning of Strength, Hope and Caring.