PDC Welcomes Inaugural Class to Certified Medical Assistants Program

2018 CMA Participants.jpg

The DHIP is pleased to welcome the inaugural class of its new Certified Medical Assistant Sponsorship Program. This program is a partnership with Wake Technical Community College and Durham Technical Community College, and offers full educational sponsorship to 12 deserving, compassionate and professional individuals seeking a career as a Medical Assistant.  In exchange for the sponsorship, participants commit to a minimum of two years of service in a DHIP clinic upon the completion of the program.

“There’s a significant need for outstanding CMAs in DHIP clinics, and a shortage of qualified personnel in this area,” said Jennifer Duerr, DHIP Human Resources.  “This program is the first of its kind at Duke and not only helps to meet our staffing demands, but also gives participants firsthand exposure to our clinics and helps them build a career at Duke that is tailored to their interests.”

For many participants, this program provides a jump start to their healthcare career.  

“My dream is to become a cardiothoracic surgeon,” says Mario Irais, one of the participants currently in training at Wake Tech.  “This is the reason I’m starting as a CMA. I believe it will make me a better surgeon.”

In addition to financial support, the program includes mentoring events for participants to engage with DHIP and Duke Health leaders.    The first mentoring session was held this week and included DHIP Operations and Advanced Practice leadership.

“Duke is full of opportunities, and a team environment,” says Tammy Berry,  Vice President of DHIP’s Clinical Operations, shared with the group at the first mentoring event held this week. “I want you to always remember why you wanted to enter the health care profession. If this is just a job for you, you’re in the wrong place.”

2018 participants: 
From Wake Technical Community College include: Ashley Adams, Matawah Deberry, Mario Irais, Daniel Lewis, Tayler McGee, Jessica Mendelsohn, Marianne Oberklein, April Rogers, Yuridia Vega, and LaQuita Williams.

From Durham Technical Community College include: Karen Goodin, Ama A Odei-Larbi, and Elise Toone