UPDATE: PDC Clinics to Close 12 pm Thursday through 5 pm Friday


UPDATE: 9/12 8:30 AM

In preparation for impending Hurricane Florence and out of concern for patients, providers and staff, DHIP and most Duke Health clinics will close at noon on Thursday (9/13) and will remain closed Friday (9/14).  Clinic leaders are notifying patients and we'll make every effort to reschedule patients as soon as possible.  If you have a question or a scheduled appointment, please contact the clinic office number.  For clinic contact information, see dukehealth.org  

Duke University Hospital Clinics that will remain open:

  • Oncology – Evaluating core clinical operations for Friday 
  • Clinic 2A: Infusion / Sickle Cell Day Hospital – Evaluating core clinical operations for Friday/Saturday
  • Apheresis – Inpatient only
  • Hyperbaric
  • Valvano Day Hospital
  • Children’s Health Center Procedural unit – Urgent cases only
  • DMP – Endo / Bronch – Inpatient cases only
  • Duke South Clinic 2B/2C will remain open and will be the designated location for those physicians that need to see patients urgently, regardless of their regular, scheduled location. This will be for adult patients only. Providers requesting to see patients in 2B/2C must coordinate staffing with their clinic leadership