Updated: PDC Statement on State Health Plan


Updated August 9, 2019

On behalf of the physicians and providers of the Duke Health Integrated Practice, we appreciate the State Treasurer's decision to maintain and protect access to health care services for state employees and their families. We stand ready to work with the Treasurer and state leaders to create a long term plan that focuses on value instead of cost, and is transparent and sustainable for the state of North Carolina, patients, and health care systems and providers.


Originally Posted August 6, 2019

It is the privilege of physicians, advanced practice providers, and clinical staff of the Duke Health Integrated Practice (DHIP) to deliver the highest quality, patient-centered care to thousands of state employees each year.  Our commitment to our patients is unwavering. However, the latest plan proposed by the state treasurer puts an unequal financial burden on physicians, and ultimately harms the people it intends to help.

The proposed plan is an unreasonable and harmful way to reduce health care costs. We have offered to provide an alternative plan that meets the same goal through value-based care mechanisms. That offer has fallen on deaf ears. 

DHIP physicians stand ready to work together with the state treasurer to achieve our common goals. However, the current proposal is untenable, sets a dangerous precedent, is a strong-armed attack on health providers, and limits access to health services for state employees.

Until a more balanced plan is offered by the state treasurer, DHIP physicians will stand firm in support of their patients and with other health care providers across North Carolina.  For the sake of 725,000 lives, we call on the provider community and the state treasurer to work together on a plan that is balanced and supports a value-based approach to health care.

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The Duke Health Integrated Practice, founded in 1931, is the faculty physician practice of Duke Health.  More than 1,800 DHIP providers practice medicine in more than 140 primary care and specialty care clinics throughout North Carolina.