Vickie Davis, RN, Receives Strength, Hope, Caring Award

SHC VickieDavis.jpg

All of the staff at Duke Children’s Primary Care on Pickett Road are special, but there’s one person who has gone above and beyond to help a young patient with cancer and his family. Over the past year, Vickie Davis, CNIV, has supported this family and encouraged others to help as well.

With little outside support, Vickie noticed that the mother was struggling to provide for her son and his demanding health needs.  She enlisted the help of coworkers, church and family members,and even a local fire department to help provide food, clothing and Christmas gifts.  On occasion, she provides respite care so this mother can get a much needed break.  

Vickie Davis is the recipient of the DHIP’s second quarter Strength, Hope and Caring Clinical Award because she is living the values of the DHIP and Duke Medicine by caring for ourselves, our patients, and their loved ones.  Thank you, Vickie.